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  • Maltess

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  • Foggy Bottom Bog

    West of [[Maltess]] and home to a grippli village. Also contains the [[positive energy gate]] and was where the party first encountered [[:garndur]].

  • Munich

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  • Mstimir

    h5. (moo-sti-meer) Elven capital city of [[Ojczyzna]] located on an island in [[Dushevny Bay]] and across the water from [[Casimir]]. It was built by the elves after the [[negative energy portal]] was opened and undead flooded the former capital. …

  • Fjallaborg

    Formerly a dwarven city, now in ruins and buried underground. Some goblins were attempting to clear the halls of rubble while under the direction of an imp, assisted by [[:nava]]. One part of the ruins that was accessible contained a massive chasm …

  • Cambria

    Largely human nation also known as the "Northern Empire" as it spans the central section of northern Talmaris. Capital and largest city: [[Llanasdê]] Other cities: [[Llanyrâg]]

  • Llanyrâg

    City bordering [[Nordurland]] in the Dwarven lands. Has a mixed human/dwarf population as a result.

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  • Euzkadi

    h5. (yoo-ska-dee) Kingdom primarily of sylph in a mountainous region of eastern [[Talmaris]]. Capital city [[Aquirraga]], ruled by the king [[:zeru]].

  • Auslétta

    Southeastern [[Dwarven lands|Dwarven nation]], relatively close to [[Maltess]]. May have once contained [[Fjallaborg]]. [[:karl-balderson]]'s homeland, and he still owns at least one castle there.

  • Casimir

    Former elven capital on the shore of [[Dushevny Bay]], taken over by undead after the [[negative energy portal]] opened in the central tower. Most of the city is locked in a time dilation field that slows the passage of time inside. Currently covered …

  • Vesturland

    A [[Dwarven lands|Dwarven nation]] located on the western side of the continent, just north of the [[Storm Coast]]. Bordered by [[Nordurland]] to the northeast, [[Baerboten]] to the east, and untamed wilds to the south.

  • Storm Coast

    The southern part of the continent's west coast, hit frequently by powerful storms that have prevented civilization from gaining a strong foothold in this part of the world. The wild lands of the Storm Coast are bordered by [[Vesturland]] to the north and …

  • Baerboten

    The heartland of [[Dwarven lands|Dwarven civilization]]. Bordered by [[Nordurland]] to the north, [[Vesturland]] to the west, and [[Auslétta]] to the south.

  • Dushevny Bay

    Bay in eastern Talmaris containing the island city of [[Mstimir]] and the ruins of [[Casimir]] on the coast. Most other settlements on the coast have been abandoned in recent years with small bands of undead escaping containment to attack them.