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  • Dwarven Runic Shortsword

    Forged by Dwarven priests in Fjallaborg to fight against the invading forces from the Elemental Plane of Earth, it has strange runes carved into the hilt that are currently glowing with a soft yellow light.

  • Munich

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  • Fjallaborg

    Formerly a dwarven city, now in ruins and buried underground. Some goblins were attempting to clear the halls of rubble while under the direction of an imp, assisted by [[:nava]]. One part of the ruins that was accessible contained a massive chasm …

  • Llanyrâg

    City bordering [[Nordurland]] in the Dwarven lands. Has a mixed human/dwarf population as a result.

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  • Auslétta

    Southeastern [[Dwarven lands|Dwarven nation]], relatively close to [[Maltess]]. May have once contained [[Fjallaborg]]. [[:karl-balderson]]'s homeland, and he still owns at least one castle there.

  • Vesturland

    A [[Dwarven lands|Dwarven nation]] located on the western side of the continent, just north of the [[Storm Coast]]. Bordered by [[Nordurland]] to the northeast, [[Baerboten]] to the east, and untamed wilds to the south.

  • Baerboten

    The heartland of [[Dwarven lands|Dwarven civilization]]. Bordered by [[Nordurland]] to the north, [[Vesturland]] to the west, and [[Auslétta]] to the south.