Talmaris: Incursion

The Early Sessions - Part 1
From the memories of Slaten

Slaten and his brother, Al’Thor, left their small home village (VILLAGE NAME NEEDS TO BE FIGURED OUT AND PUT HERE) in search of adventure. Growing up as half-elves, they were not exactly a welcome race in their town. The half-breeds were looked down upon. Their mother, an elven barmaid, tried to provide a good life for them, but she was often busy with work. As a result, Slaten was neglected and often left to fend for himself. When his younger brother was born, their mother babied him and cared for him a bit more than Slaten was ever cared for, but he did not begrudge her. She provided them with food a shelter. Little did she know (or did she?) her eldest was often up to no good. Filching a coin purse here, fencing a piece of jewelry there, Slaten was able to secretly save over the years. When mothers money was short, he could provide enough from “helping out around town” to help cover their expenses. Al’Thor, however, was often brought to church by their mother to worship Desna. During these times, he found his calling as a cleric. But I digress.

Skipping ahead a few years…

Upon arriving in the large city of Maltess, they began exploring the vast city, completely amazed at its size. They’d never seen a place this large before. Right off the bat, Al’Thor went to see the beauty of a large city’s Temple of Desna. Meanwhile, Slaten went down to the docks, looking for an easy mark. While there, he attempted to steal from a naive looking fellow, Jaden. Unfortunately (or so he thought at the time) he was caught. “These big city folks are a lot tougher than the dumb villagers I am used to,” he thought. This was going to be rough. They were about to erupt into fisticuffs when Al’Thor suddenly appeared. Being used to having to bail his brother out of these sorts of situations, Al’Thor quickly defused the situation.

As it turns out, Jaden was an amateur adventurer in search of both glory and his father. After forming a truce to no longer steal from Jaden, as well as to help each other grow rich , an uneasy partnership began. Jaden deeply trusted the man of the cloth, but was very weary of the man of the slight-of-hand. Over time, their bond would strengthen, but not until much blood was shed and treasure looted. Within a few hours, Slaten taught Jaden of an old gambling scam he used to run in the village to make a few silver from wealthy travelers passing through. After promise of riches, and guarantees of safety from getting caught, Slaten and Jaden entered a dockside bar to run their clever ruse.

Jaden sat at the bar for a bit, drinking and melting in to the crowd. Once Slaten arrived, he played the shill, pretending to make a quick buck off of a disguised Slaten. After having won, another contestant stepped up to the challenge: a dwarf, later to be figured out to be Thorgrim Balderson – brother of Baron Karl Balderson. The stakes were gold. Lots of gold. The dwarf put up for a more money than Slaten had ever seen in all his years of scamming. The dwarf won a bit as Slaten lost track of his own trick, flustered by the amount at stake. Not one to give up on a large sum of gold so easily, Slaten convinced the dwarf to go double or nothing. Lady Luck (or perhaps his brother’s goddess Desna) was on his side. The dwarf lost, Slaten collected, bought the dwarf another round, and stepped out. Jaden drank some more.

To be continued…


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