Talmaris: Incursion

Something Something...New Wizard Guy

In a world...

Feel free to edit all the incorrect parts of this. Enjoy Grimtard’s Masterpiece Theatre…

The adventure continued in the time dilation bubble we left off last week in. The group managed to find their way to the central tower that housed the portal they were attempting to close. Slaten opened the door to the tower and noticed several pressure plates located inside on the floor. Showing his complete disregard of animal safety, Tûr summoned 3 dogs to try and trigger any of the traps by sending them to the other side of the pitch black tower. The first one was sent, and never came back. So he sent a second one to go check on the first guy. That one came back, but with it came an owl and 2 bat things. The group began to beat up on the bats when a very bright light came toward them from the back of the room. Acid bolts came flying in to help attack the bats and the bats stood no match for the group and were quickly defeated. The light faded and the source of the magic was found to be Tmir, the group’s new best buddy. Turns out Tmir had been on the trail of the cause of the portal’s leakage and in the process had been teleported to the dark tower. Slaten pointed his duck at the wizard, it didn’t quack, so they figured he was a cool dude joined the group in their quest.

The group started up the tower’s many floors and finally came to a floor filled with evil. Slaten took a peek up at the next floor and saw 3 hulks of armor situated around the room, right in front of the portal. Tmir transformed Grimtard into a giant, summoned some other huge guy, and buffed everyone else in the party. The group rushed into battle…and nothing happened. They noticed two coffins on either side of the room and as they open them!…nothing happened. They were empty, but looked very nicely painted. The group figured out that once the blood was applied to the crystals around the portal, the battle would begin. Slaten, poured the blood on the far right crystal and the largest hulk armor awakened with life, with the two other creatures slowly joining him. The group was able to defeat the creatures and as they did more beings showed up through the portal, attempting to break through. The group jumped back into action and beat them up and sent them back to wherever. The blood had done it’s job and taken over the portal.

Tûr was standing too close to the edge of the open room and let out a monstrous sneeze, sending him toppling over the edge. Luckily, he’s a druid so he transformed into a bat or something and saved himself from certain death. His part in saving the portal was over, so he decided to be a Day Man. He lived happily ever after…


Very nicely painted, indeed.

This made me lol. Good job Mike


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