Talmaris: Incursion

Brief Recap (2013-04-28)

Everything to this point, in bullet point.

  • Party arrives in MaltessAl’Thor, Slaten, and Jaden get used to the city
  • Recruited by Zlastimir to steal a book containing dangerous information from what turns out to be Garndur’s house, but are foiled by Mila who grabbed it first
  • The party goes west to investigate missing loggers, finds they were abducted to a hut in a nearby swamp where Garndur is turning them to zombies. Along the way they meet Mikhail and find the positive energy gate.
  • They take Garndur back to Maltess and receive an assignment from Baron Karl Balderson to scout out a goblin mining operation to the northeast. Goran Stonefist is sent with them.
  • Finding the goblins, the party incites a riot and slips into the cave where they meet Nava, who collapses the entrance behind them before she dies. Goran chooses goes back to Maltess instead.
  • Inside the cave the party finds Tûr locked up, and deeper in they discover the ruins of Fjallaborg.
  • In Fjallaborg they come across Grimtard who was searching for his wife. They’re attacked by more goblins and some earth elementals before finding Nava again in the process of vivisecting goblins for study. She escapes down a hidden stairwell.
  • At the base of the stairs they find the imp from earlier and a massive chasm surrounded by floating orange crystals connected by a beam of light. Nava switches sides to aid the party against the imp; they destroy the crystals and a few earth elementals that arise from the chasm along with the imp. After that, a violent earthquake occurs and the group of six flee.
  • On the way back to the city a couple of orcs ambush Grimtard, claiming he may be the son of orcish warchief Krusk Paleclaw and he’s wanted by his father.
  • Upon arriving back in Maltess they discover that the earthquake hit the city particularly hard as well. Due to Zlastimir’s demands they find Mila, unexpectedly undead, and defeat her. They then discover that a large number of corpses are being stored at Garndur’s house and make plans to sabotage his plans.
  • Maltess’s governor Edwin Arellen declares martial law in the city; the party kills a guard patrol attempting to arrest Grimtard. They search through the house and find a number of undead along with Garndur and destroy them all.
  • Log 4-4-13 – Seeing another guard patrol outside the house, the party flees and blows up the building, killing more guards in the process. They find an abandoned shop to hide in for the night, but discover Tranzen sleeping upstairs.
  • Log 4-11-13 – More guards show up and attempt to arrest the party; they go along peacefully. Grimtard gets a smaller escort to a different location but breaks free and kills the guards and rescues the rest of the party. They flee to a ship they had booked earlier, the Unlucky Halfling, where Captain Flint assures them they’ll be able to escape.
  • Log 4-18-13 – With the captain’s help and Tûr becoming a giant octopus, the ship breaks through the blockade and sails for Mstimir. The party receives a fortune telling from Roche, the Unlucky Halfling’s chef.
  • Log 4-25-13 – The party agrees to hunt for a pirate that’s been bothering the captain for some time and defeat her, gaining loot and another ship in the process.



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