Talmaris: Incursion

Adventure Log. Star Date 4 18 2013. Sol system. Earth.

Or... Where the hell is Burns this time?


Each party member is awoken in his room by Captain Flint and are told they will need to take care of some guards. The party is in the mess hall when some sort of guards appear on the ship. The captain informs the party that this group must be taken out once the boat starts moving. Before the boat takes off, some town guards arrive and climb aboard the boat. The boat casts off and immediately Jaden charges out of the galley and into the leader of the strange guards. She is knocked off the side of the boat and combat breaks out.

Meanwhile, Tur is lifted off the boat in a tornado and taken towards the blockage. After taking care of the guards, the party realizes that the blockade is firing catapults at them. Tur is plopped down onto one ship and turns into a giant octopus. He begins launching crewmen off the ship with his tentacles. The tornado continues to assault the other two ships in the blockade.

After all the ships are taken care of, Tur and Captain Flint (who turns out to be a druid and transformed into the tornado). The boat sales freely out of port without further issues.

On the open sea, the party uneventfully passes time. Midway through the journey, after much insistence, the chef, Roche, reads the fortunes of the party. (to be filled in later)



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