Talmaris: Incursion

Notes for Session 4/11

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law

Super brief summary – to be expanded upon later.

Tried to sleep in that house. 30 min later guards show up. Slaten tries to trick them with a disguise; they believe him but demand to search the place anyway. They find Grimtard and Al’Thor and insist upon taking everyone in to the local holding cell. Everyone goes except Slaten and Nava, as Slaten is disguised as an old man and requests a cart to carry him to the holding cell.

The main groups arrives at the cells; everyone is put in a communal cell, except Grimtard. He is escorted out towards the keep by three guards. The main party starts to sleep in their cell. The wagon carrying Slaten and Nava passes Grimtard. Slaten and Grimtard communicate briefly via swat mic and continue in their separate ways. Grimtard breaks free from the three guards, smashing their faces in with his fists. He returns to the house and grabs his axe.

Slaten and Nava are put in a separate holding cell and go to sleep. Grimtard comes back, wakes Slaten up by throwing a rock at him. Slaten devises a plan to escape. He passed his bag of holding through the barred windows of the cell to Grimtard, who held it upside down. Slaten climbed inside and Grimtard pulled the bag through the bars. Just like that, Slaten was free. He removed his disguise and devised a prison break plan with Grimtard. He busts through the door, attempting to distract the two guards. The distraction partially worked, allowing Slaten to get the jump on one guard. As usual, Grimtard walked in and broke their faces with ease.

Slaten freed the rest of the party from their cells and they gathered their equipment from the store room.

The party leaves towards the docks with Tranzen. They find the ship they’ve paid for and climb aboard. Slaten meets with the captain and they seem to come to an agreement to get them out of the city. The party goes to sleep…



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