Talmaris: Incursion

Log 4-4-13

--Insert dig at Burns here--

Last session ended in the lower level of the house belonging to Garndur, having slain him(?) and a bunch of walking dead in the previous session. An escape plan was hatched, and Slaten scouted the main floor. After setting some traps and blocking some doors, he attempted to distract the guards. The others made their way towards a window on the opposite side of the house, but the clumsy barbarian did not sneak past their line of sight. At this point, Slaten lit a candle rigged as a time-delay fuse. They party lept from the building into a side alley, with a guard posted on each corner. The party split, Grimtard, Slaten and Jaden going towards the back alley at the rear of the house , Tûr, Al’Thor and Nava heading towards the front, where the guards were directing them.

Grimtard bowled over the guard posted at the back corner, and the three of them sprinted down the alley. Meanwhile, the other three were told by the guard that they were going to be brought in for questioning. At this time, Tûr decided it was time to run. They ran from the guards, ducking into an alley in an attempt to meet up with the others. They discovered that Grimtard, Slaten and Jaden were being chased by three guards. Tûr and crew followed in pursuit, with the guards separating the two groups. Eventually the fuse completed its job, causing an enormous explosion.

Slaten stopped running, with Grimtard and Jaden following suit. Slaten explained that was the reason they ran. Upon further questioning, the party was unable to fully convince the guards of their story, so a quick battle broke out. The guards were disabled with ease, and the crew continued on. A few blocks later, the team realized that the guards might be able to spill the beans on the party, so Nava went back to finish them off, with Slaten in tow.

The party continued onward, eventually reaching the end of the alley. Slaten snuck around the corner, spotting guards. Quickly picking the lock on the door of a closed shop, he pushed the party inside. Al’Thor made too much noise and the approaching guards took note. Once inside, Slaten formulated a plan to deal with the guards, while Tûr and Jaden explored the upper level. They discovered a barricaded room at the top of the stairs. Tûr was the first to climb over, discovering a sleeping man on the other side. He began to stir as Tûr attempted to climb over and down the barricade. Jaden, following behind, made the same mistakes with his footing and the sleeping man slept no more. Startled, he asked them what was going on. They made up an excuse and paid off the man.

Meanwhile, Slaten went back outside to speak with the guards. He explained a story about Al’Thur being an alcoholic who was just stumbling home from a night of drinking. The guards bought it, and he further distracted them by talking about the explosion and the burning house. The guards ran off down the alley towards the corpses of the dead guards and the blown up building.

Back at the closed shop, the party reunited and decided to rest for the evening.


We are so screwed.

Log 4-4-13

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