Talmaris: Incursion

4/25 Notes

Zach's been busy and doesnt have time to write a lot

DM Boat captain convinces party to fight pirates. Party uses waterbreathing and bomb-ass dolphins to Seal Team 6 the boat. Holy crap, Slaten gets hurt a boat load (no pun intended). As usual, he dives into his bag of holding. Awesome barbarian Grimtard picks up the bag and throws it to Al’Thor to save his severely injured brother. Tûr goes squid-mode and destroys the back-up support coming to help the main ship. The party prevails in battle. The party gets a friggen ship! A RARE ship, at that. And a bunch of treasure. Time to become millionaires and retire. Or just go to Mstimir and continue their adventures. They (stupidly) choose to continue onward.



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