Talmaris: Incursion

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Feel free to edit all the incorrect parts of this. Enjoy Grimtard’s Masterpiece Theatre…

The adventure continued in the time dilation bubble we left off last week in. The group managed to find their way to the central tower that housed the portal they were attempting to close. Slaten opened the door to the tower and noticed several pressure plates located inside on the floor. Showing his complete disregard of animal safety, Tûr summoned 3 dogs to try and trigger any of the traps by sending them to the other side of the pitch black tower. The first one was sent, and never came back. So he sent a second one to go check on the first guy. That one came back, but with it came an owl and 2 bat things. The group began to beat up on the bats when a very bright light came toward them from the back of the room. Acid bolts came flying in to help attack the bats and the bats stood no match for the group and were quickly defeated. The light faded and the source of the magic was found to be Tmir, the group’s new best buddy. Turns out Tmir had been on the trail of the cause of the portal’s leakage and in the process had been teleported to the dark tower. Slaten pointed his duck at the wizard, it didn’t quack, so they figured he was a cool dude joined the group in their quest.

The group started up the tower’s many floors and finally came to a floor filled with evil. Slaten took a peek up at the next floor and saw 3 hulks of armor situated around the room, right in front of the portal. Tmir transformed Grimtard into a giant, summoned some other huge guy, and buffed everyone else in the party. The group rushed into battle…and nothing happened. They noticed two coffins on either side of the room and as they open them!…nothing happened. They were empty, but looked very nicely painted. The group figured out that once the blood was applied to the crystals around the portal, the battle would begin. Slaten, poured the blood on the far right crystal and the largest hulk armor awakened with life, with the two other creatures slowly joining him. The group was able to defeat the creatures and as they did more beings showed up through the portal, attempting to break through. The group jumped back into action and beat them up and sent them back to wherever. The blood had done it’s job and taken over the portal.

Tûr was standing too close to the edge of the open room and let out a monstrous sneeze, sending him toppling over the edge. Luckily, he’s a druid so he transformed into a bat or something and saved himself from certain death. His part in saving the portal was over, so he decided to be a Day Man. He lived happily ever after…

4/25 Notes
Zach's been busy and doesnt have time to write a lot

DM Boat captain convinces party to fight pirates. Party uses waterbreathing and bomb-ass dolphins to Seal Team 6 the boat. Holy crap, Slaten gets hurt a boat load (no pun intended). As usual, he dives into his bag of holding. Awesome barbarian Grimtard picks up the bag and throws it to Al’Thor to save his severely injured brother. Tûr goes squid-mode and destroys the back-up support coming to help the main ship. The party prevails in battle. The party gets a friggen ship! A RARE ship, at that. And a bunch of treasure. Time to become millionaires and retire. Or just go to Mstimir and continue their adventures. They (stupidly) choose to continue onward.

Brief Recap (2013-04-28)
Everything to this point, in bullet point.
  • Party arrives in MaltessAl’Thor, Slaten, and Jaden get used to the city
  • Recruited by Zlastimir to steal a book containing dangerous information from what turns out to be Garndur’s house, but are foiled by Mila who grabbed it first
  • The party goes west to investigate missing loggers, finds they were abducted to a hut in a nearby swamp where Garndur is turning them to zombies. Along the way they meet Mikhail and find the positive energy gate.
  • They take Garndur back to Maltess and receive an assignment from Baron Karl Balderson to scout out a goblin mining operation to the northeast. Goran Stonefist is sent with them.
  • Finding the goblins, the party incites a riot and slips into the cave where they meet Nava, who collapses the entrance behind them before she dies. Goran chooses goes back to Maltess instead.
  • Inside the cave the party finds Tûr locked up, and deeper in they discover the ruins of Fjallaborg.
  • In Fjallaborg they come across Grimtard who was searching for his wife. They’re attacked by more goblins and some earth elementals before finding Nava again in the process of vivisecting goblins for study. She escapes down a hidden stairwell.
  • At the base of the stairs they find the imp from earlier and a massive chasm surrounded by floating orange crystals connected by a beam of light. Nava switches sides to aid the party against the imp; they destroy the crystals and a few earth elementals that arise from the chasm along with the imp. After that, a violent earthquake occurs and the group of six flee.
  • On the way back to the city a couple of orcs ambush Grimtard, claiming he may be the son of orcish warchief Krusk Paleclaw and he’s wanted by his father.
  • Upon arriving back in Maltess they discover that the earthquake hit the city particularly hard as well. Due to Zlastimir’s demands they find Mila, unexpectedly undead, and defeat her. They then discover that a large number of corpses are being stored at Garndur’s house and make plans to sabotage his plans.
  • Maltess’s governor Edwin Arellen declares martial law in the city; the party kills a guard patrol attempting to arrest Grimtard. They search through the house and find a number of undead along with Garndur and destroy them all.
  • Log 4-4-13 – Seeing another guard patrol outside the house, the party flees and blows up the building, killing more guards in the process. They find an abandoned shop to hide in for the night, but discover Tranzen sleeping upstairs.
  • Log 4-11-13 – More guards show up and attempt to arrest the party; they go along peacefully. Grimtard gets a smaller escort to a different location but breaks free and kills the guards and rescues the rest of the party. They flee to a ship they had booked earlier, the Unlucky Halfling, where Captain Flint assures them they’ll be able to escape.
  • Log 4-18-13 – With the captain’s help and Tûr becoming a giant octopus, the ship breaks through the blockade and sails for Mstimir. The party receives a fortune telling from Roche, the Unlucky Halfling’s chef.
  • Log 4-25-13 – The party agrees to hunt for a pirate that’s been bothering the captain for some time and defeat her, gaining loot and another ship in the process.
Adventure Log. Star Date 4 18 2013. Sol system. Earth.
Or... Where the hell is Burns this time?


Each party member is awoken in his room by Captain Flint and are told they will need to take care of some guards. The party is in the mess hall when some sort of guards appear on the ship. The captain informs the party that this group must be taken out once the boat starts moving. Before the boat takes off, some town guards arrive and climb aboard the boat. The boat casts off and immediately Jaden charges out of the galley and into the leader of the strange guards. She is knocked off the side of the boat and combat breaks out.

Meanwhile, Tur is lifted off the boat in a tornado and taken towards the blockage. After taking care of the guards, the party realizes that the blockade is firing catapults at them. Tur is plopped down onto one ship and turns into a giant octopus. He begins launching crewmen off the ship with his tentacles. The tornado continues to assault the other two ships in the blockade.

After all the ships are taken care of, Tur and Captain Flint (who turns out to be a druid and transformed into the tornado). The boat sales freely out of port without further issues.

On the open sea, the party uneventfully passes time. Midway through the journey, after much insistence, the chef, Roche, reads the fortunes of the party. (to be filled in later)

Mini paint jobs

Couldn’t leave the house, so I’ve been painting all day.

Notes for Session 4/11
Breakin' the law, breakin' the law

Super brief summary – to be expanded upon later.

Tried to sleep in that house. 30 min later guards show up. Slaten tries to trick them with a disguise; they believe him but demand to search the place anyway. They find Grimtard and Al’Thor and insist upon taking everyone in to the local holding cell. Everyone goes except Slaten and Nava, as Slaten is disguised as an old man and requests a cart to carry him to the holding cell.

The main groups arrives at the cells; everyone is put in a communal cell, except Grimtard. He is escorted out towards the keep by three guards. The main party starts to sleep in their cell. The wagon carrying Slaten and Nava passes Grimtard. Slaten and Grimtard communicate briefly via swat mic and continue in their separate ways. Grimtard breaks free from the three guards, smashing their faces in with his fists. He returns to the house and grabs his axe.

Slaten and Nava are put in a separate holding cell and go to sleep. Grimtard comes back, wakes Slaten up by throwing a rock at him. Slaten devises a plan to escape. He passed his bag of holding through the barred windows of the cell to Grimtard, who held it upside down. Slaten climbed inside and Grimtard pulled the bag through the bars. Just like that, Slaten was free. He removed his disguise and devised a prison break plan with Grimtard. He busts through the door, attempting to distract the two guards. The distraction partially worked, allowing Slaten to get the jump on one guard. As usual, Grimtard walked in and broke their faces with ease.

Slaten freed the rest of the party from their cells and they gathered their equipment from the store room.

The party leaves towards the docks with Tranzen. They find the ship they’ve paid for and climb aboard. Slaten meets with the captain and they seem to come to an agreement to get them out of the city. The party goes to sleep…

Another preview...

Coming soon to a dungeon near you...

3D Dungeons!

The walls are held together with bobby pins. The ones you can see are just to hold it together while the glue dries.

Log 4-4-13
--Insert dig at Burns here--

Last session ended in the lower level of the house belonging to Garndur, having slain him(?) and a bunch of walking dead in the previous session. An escape plan was hatched, and Slaten scouted the main floor. After setting some traps and blocking some doors, he attempted to distract the guards. The others made their way towards a window on the opposite side of the house, but the clumsy barbarian did not sneak past their line of sight. At this point, Slaten lit a candle rigged as a time-delay fuse. They party lept from the building into a side alley, with a guard posted on each corner. The party split, Grimtard, Slaten and Jaden going towards the back alley at the rear of the house , Tûr, Al’Thor and Nava heading towards the front, where the guards were directing them.

Grimtard bowled over the guard posted at the back corner, and the three of them sprinted down the alley. Meanwhile, the other three were told by the guard that they were going to be brought in for questioning. At this time, Tûr decided it was time to run. They ran from the guards, ducking into an alley in an attempt to meet up with the others. They discovered that Grimtard, Slaten and Jaden were being chased by three guards. Tûr and crew followed in pursuit, with the guards separating the two groups. Eventually the fuse completed its job, causing an enormous explosion.

Slaten stopped running, with Grimtard and Jaden following suit. Slaten explained that was the reason they ran. Upon further questioning, the party was unable to fully convince the guards of their story, so a quick battle broke out. The guards were disabled with ease, and the crew continued on. A few blocks later, the team realized that the guards might be able to spill the beans on the party, so Nava went back to finish them off, with Slaten in tow.

The party continued onward, eventually reaching the end of the alley. Slaten snuck around the corner, spotting guards. Quickly picking the lock on the door of a closed shop, he pushed the party inside. Al’Thor made too much noise and the approaching guards took note. Once inside, Slaten formulated a plan to deal with the guards, while Tûr and Jaden explored the upper level. They discovered a barricaded room at the top of the stairs. Tûr was the first to climb over, discovering a sleeping man on the other side. He began to stir as Tûr attempted to climb over and down the barricade. Jaden, following behind, made the same mistakes with his footing and the sleeping man slept no more. Startled, he asked them what was going on. They made up an excuse and paid off the man.

Meanwhile, Slaten went back outside to speak with the guards. He explained a story about Al’Thur being an alcoholic who was just stumbling home from a night of drinking. The guards bought it, and he further distracted them by talking about the explosion and the burning house. The guards ran off down the alley towards the corpses of the dead guards and the blown up building.

Back at the closed shop, the party reunited and decided to rest for the evening.

Dungeon Pics

Hey guys,

I am just adding links to some of the pictures I’ve taken during the campaign. I’ve added captions where appropriote:



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